Cellar Services


Includes a 90-minute consultation on your current beverage tastes and collection goals. We will address your budget range and analyze the space you have available for storage and aging. Within one week of our meeting, Beer Mavens will then provide you with a list of suggested beers, average prices and availability. We will include beers in the list that are primarily accessible in your province or easily purchased within a 2-3 hr. driving distance. If requested, we can source local distributers that may be able to sell certain beers to you by the case/pallet.


Includes a 90-minute initial consultation as listed in The Starter Kit. Within one week of our meeting, Beer Mavens will contact you to arrange a time for a sampling of beer styles based on our consultation to ensure your tastes are inline with our suggestions. Once you are satisfied with our suggestions, a comprehensive list of beers will be provided for you to purchase. We will also provide a customized book including recommendations for food pairings and recipes as well as a beer style breakdown and descriptions.


​This package begins with a series of three 90-minute beer tutorials (up to 4ppl) including some sampling, to identify your beer tastes and elevate your current beer knowledge. These classes will be customized based on a quick questionnaire we will provide to you. Your final class will also include an additional 1-hr consultation and wrap up to define your current collection (if any), and what your cellaring goals may be. We will then provide you with a book including beer style breakdowns, beer and food recommendations, recipes and cellaring instructions. In addition, Beer Mavens will host a multi-course beer dinner in your home for up to ten (10) guests.

* Our packages do not include one on one shopping trips, sourcing or providing the suggested products.  We are happy to provide these services for an additional fee based on request
​** Customized consultation packages for individuals or groups are available upon request.

Event Planning & Hosting

Beer Mavens provides full-service planning and hosting for your craft beer event. With over 20 years of event production experience and a wealth of craft beer knowledge, we can help you create an impactful affair whether it be an intimate cocktail reception, surprise birthday party or gala tasting dinner. 

We understand that every event is unique and will work with you to find exactly the right setting and menu to fit your budget. 

Beer Menu & staff Education Services


Beer Mavens will work with your leadership team to identify a draught and/or bottled beer program that reflects your overall culture and menu offerings. We will coach your leadership team on the basics of beer and food pairings so the beer menu can compliment your food offerings and you can add/remove items with confidence.


What We Offer - Customized classes that suit your needs and share in depth information about beer ingredients and different beer styles, selling and serving beer, beer and food pairing, “off” flavours in beer and how to prevent them, and answers to general questions that are typical of restaurant/bar guests.

Why We Are Unique - We have worked in hospitality for a combined total of over 30 years. We have each worked in our share of high-end venues to dive bars and in-between and have interacted with thousands of customers. We get it. We know what questions guests typically have, and want to provide your staff with the answers. We are focused on hospitality and providing a positive guest experience, and we aim to combine those values with the beer knowledge we will be sharing with your staff.

Also – We are hospitality people, too! We appreciate that a restaurant or a bar is typically staffed by some of the most unique personalities around. We love the eclectic nature of the industry, and will provide an educational atmosphere that is in-depth, interactive and most importantly, fun. Our seminars are a chance to educate your staff, and also to treat them to a great team-building experience.